Swiss Music Prize 2015 Movie

Film direction and editing: Olivier Bemer
Film direction and production: Julien Gremaud
Music by the Swiss Music Prize nominees directed and arranged by Aurélien Hamm

Art directors: Noémie Gygax, Julien Gremaud
Project Manager: Martine Chalverat
Graphic Design: Noémie Gygax
Edited by Federal Office of Culture, Bern

Swiss Music Prize 2014
Edited by Federal Office of Culture, Berne
Project managers: Martine Chalverat, Alexandra Talman

Art directors: Julien Gremaud, Noémie Gygax
Production: Julien Gremaud
Direction and editing: Olivier Bemer
Sound designer: Aurélien Hamm
Graphic design: Noémie Gygax