« Micronaut » is an editorial project initiated in 2011 with a singular approach to publishing and artist book. In six years of activity, the book series took several different forms, engaging a dialogue between disciplines and blurring the boundaries between actors involved in a book process.

An independent editor and photographer based in Switzerland, Julien Gremaud runs « Micronaut » as an interface to produce and publish books but also as an artistic practice through collaborations whether it is an artist, a gallery, a museum or an artists collective.

So far, « Micronaut » published and worked with the following artists or institutions:

– Geneva Photography Centre, Geneva:
– Joerg Bader
– Sébastien Leseigneur

– Hacienda Zurich:
– Fabian Marti
– Arthur Fink
– Oskar Weiss
– Keith Boadwee
– Nicole Eisenman
– Justin Lieberman

– Espace Quark, Genève
– Arthur Fouray
– Charlotte Krieger
– Michael Rampa

– Baker Wardlaw
– Bruno Aeberli
– Thomas Koenig
– Christian Lange
– Ernst Sylvester Lunz
– Douglas Mandry
– Etienne Messikommer
– Nicolas Rossi
– Julien Savioz
– Fabrice Schneider
– Charlotte Stuby
– Myriam Ziehli

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Comments, 2016
Arthur Fouray, ”M”, 2015
Micronaut 2011 – 2014