« Thatcher is Dead »

The « Thatcher is Dead « project is centered around the press image, its stereotypes, brainwashing, and circulations through the media coverage of the death of the former British Prime Minister. I capitalize on this posthumous visual treatment and turn it aside by juxtaposing contemporary images according to a strict protocol of reappropriation of newspaper clippings. I seek indeed to obtain a two-sided image, a perfect collage in the grid of the newspaper that will offer an image in both sides. I then scan it as I do with a positive film.

These superimposed pictures constructed by chance encounters aim to create images difficult to read and slowed down, barely recognizable, «anti- dated », a ”bitmap collage” taken from a medium that is said to be in crisis (the press but equally paper items) revealed by a proper analog photography system, which is also to be obsolete. They addi- tionnaly penetrate these press images arised from business strategies and challenge this frantic race to information and spectacular with a response between abstraction and ”platitude”. The death of Margaret Thatcher may well be seen as much as a disturbance as a catalyst in my work.

« Thatcher is Dead » was presented as my project for the Bachelor degree in photography at the University of Art and Design Lausanne, in June 2013, as a photobook and digital prints. It has recently been give a prize at the Swiss Federal Design Awards, organized annually by the Federal Office of Culture. I

Swiss Design Awards 2014
Swiss Design Awards June 17 - June 22 2014
Opening June 16 2014
Awards Ceremony June 17 2014, at 18 pm
Art Basel, Halle 4, Basel

Image hébergée par servimg.comThis publication is part of the Diploma
project’s « Thatcher is Dead »
First Edition, June 2013

ECAL, Renens, 25-26th June 2013